Chess V+

Action and Adventure Game
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  • Language English
  • Developer ZingMagic Limited

Download Chess V+. This app is in the Action & Adventure Games category and for iPhone users. You can install it for free on your Windows, PC.

Regardless of the level of play, ZingMagic's multi-award-winning Chess is an exciting and challenging game for both beginners and champions.

Chess, a two-player game, has a colorful history that goes back to his Indian ancestor Chaturanga. In 1291, the Archbishop of Canterbury, England, threatened to chastise the priests who continued to play chess with the bread and water diet.

Chess is one of the world's most popular board games. To be successful in this game requires thought, skill and strategy.

The goal of chess is to capture the opponent's king. To do this, you must master. If the Shah by itself or with the help of his army can not get out of this situation, he becomes mat and is captured.

ZingMagic's multi-award-winning Chess app is renowned for being perfectly playable by players of all levels from start to advanced. No matter what level you play, you can be sure that you can play an exciting and challenging game with ZingMagic's Chess.

It has a powerful chess engine prepared by a world-famous Chess programmer.

This game is ad-funded. We generate income to pay for the support and development of the game from advertising. Anonymity, local storage and cookies. This information is being used for downloading.

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